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 What.CD Ratio System Overhauled

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PostSubject: What.CD Ratio System Overhauled   Tue Jan 05, 2010 12:56 pm

Back in last October, the popular music torrent tracker What.CD announced that plans were underway to make some major changes to their ratio system. This was pretty big news for the site’s half a million user base as the announced changes apparently made it easier to maintain a healthy global ratio on this usually ‘difficult to seed’ tracker. However even after a couple of months later, the changes had not been implemented and naturally some users began to feel that the purposed updates were never going to materialize. If you were one of those skeptics – you’ve been proven wrong. What.CD has overhauled their ratio system and the changes are now fully integrated to the BitTorrent tracker.

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What.CD Ratio System Overhauled

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