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 Interview with a legend: iPLAY

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PostSubject: Interview with a legend: iPLAY   Thu Dec 31, 2009 3:37 pm

We have make an interview with CrC the owner of iPLAY. For first, CrC is the one of the most friendly owner ever. iPLAY its a great 0-day tracker, a lovely style and a very active forum. A friendly staff, wich can help you with all you need about iPLAY tracker or if you want just to chat or have fun. Great speeds on torrents and a great quality on iPLAY group release (iDVD,iHD,etc).
iPLAY has unique options like Millestone, Board , Support....
The battle for Romania has a winner, iPLAY, its considered (and they have prove) the best Romanian tracker and the one of the best tracker in the BitTorrent world. We have talk with CrC about iPLAY and about other trackers so lets see:

Read it on NKfy BlogSpot
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Interview with a legend: iPLAY

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