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 MPAA Enjoys Even More Record Breaking Profits

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PostSubject: MPAA Enjoys Even More Record Breaking Profits   Wed Dec 30, 2009 5:10 pm

It’s doubtful the next anti-piracy press release would make mention of this, but apparently the MPAA is enjoying a record breaking Christmas box office this year – capping off a year of record breaking profits
The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) have claimed that piracy costs hundreds of thousands of jobs and millions in lost revenue countless times in the past but even a Google search for “MPAA” and “losses” show the infamous blunder by the MPAA when they overstated college piracy rates.

More recently, we’ve commented on the MPAA enjoying record breaking profits, but according to a report on Times Onlineeeee, the record breaking profits seen earlier this month was only the beginning.

In the ten days over the Christmas holidays, the MPAA raked in a jaw dropping $617 Million globally. In the United States, the MPAA brought in $278 Million for the top 12 movies alone, making the July record of $261 million a distant memory. Two of the top four movies featured 3-D movies – Alvin and the Chipmunks – the Squeaquel and Avatar. No doubt 3-D animators everywhere are celebrating this record feet being thanks largely to those two movies.

The thing to remember about movies that are computer generated is that the cost will go down as the technology improves. The technology improves when investments like these two movies are made. One could venture a guess that the cost of 3-D animated movies will go down if the popularity of 3-D movies were to go up – as these two films suggest.

Another question one might ask is, how many profit records does it take before the MPAA admits that the harm due to alleged piracy is minimal to non-existent? With the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement rolling ahead that promises to usher in an era of three accusations and your out (in some slightly more sane cases, requiring a court order to disconnect on the third strike), it may lead some to wonder about the necessity of such legislation in the first place. These records might be one thing to seriously consider if the MPAA comes out of the secret white house meetings convincing regulators to implement a US version of the three strikes law (not much is known about the meeting due to the secrecy surrounding it though)

Remind us again why the MPAA is after file-sharers who download movies for non-profit reasons.

Source: FileSharingZ
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MPAA Enjoys Even More Record Breaking Profits

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